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Senior Care 

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Work with a trusted professional team

By working with our team, you or your loved one will be provided a complete health care and legal package. Too often important decisions get put off until critical moments, which can often lead families and individuals being left to pick up the pieces.


Our firm specializes in senior friendly estate and life care planning. We offer professional legal and geriatric care that promotes safety, well-being and quality of life for seniors and their family. With our support we strive to make challenging documentation and decision making a seamless process.

Signing a Contract


A lawyer for over 38 years of experience with handling estate planning and wills; A nurse practitioner with over 25 years of advanced health care knowledge and experience with cognitive assessments and senior life care planning.


Are you elderly with no will, power of attorney, or estate plan?

Do you have elderly parents and are concerned that there are no plans in place for your parents’ future care?

Are you or your parents in a hospital or long term care facility and don’t have access to a legal professional to get your affairs in order?

How It Works

Initial intake with law office

The first stage in our service offering is a meeting with our office to complete a general intake. We will evaluate your needs based on you or your family members' current legal documentation.

In-person consultation

If required, we will bring in our nurse practitioner for a physical and cognitive evaluation. Whether you or your family member is currently at home, in long-term care, or hospital, we are able to complete requisite health evaluations. 

Completed care package

Once our legal team has consulted with our professional nurse practitioner, we are able to provide you or your family member with a complete package. 

Doctor and Patient
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